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Why Feldenkrais®?2016-10-21T13:36:59+00:00
  • Your brain also advances: Scientists proved that brain changes while learning. They called it “Neuroplasticy”, which is outstanding performance of learning more efficient movement patterns and functioning if you provide adecvate enviroment. Feldenkrais® method creates enviroment for approaching central nervous system so we can learn and function at our best
  • Eliminate pain and discomfort: Discover safer and easier ways to feel better. Renew your body whenever you want without stretching and boring exercises
  • Move smarter: Faster injury convalescency and prevency of new ones. You realize how whole body participate in process of healing and prevency
  • Get wanted posture without effort: Learn to move with ease in gravity field and be upright with minimal effort and maximal support of skelet
  • Sounder sleep: Better relaxation means better resting. Learn how to rest your body and it will serve you your whole life
  • Get your basics: Sit, stand and walk with dynamic balance and ease that moves you
  • Perform better: Use neurological advantages and sensory skills which are used by top musicians, dancers, sportsmans and actors
  • Feldenkrais® is easy: Lessons use basic everyday words, touching is gentle and communicative, you are couraged to cherish comfort and to reduce effort. Old saying that says «No pain no gain» makes chaos in nervous system and effort in body. It should be thrown out from daily vocabular, and we can show you how
  • Feldenkrais® is efficient: Feldenkrais® has a reputation for helping people when everyone else failed. But you don’t have to be injured or helpless to use and benefit from the method. We work with musicians, dancers and sportsmans which just want to perform better. Feldenkrais method is efficient because it uses principles from physics, physiology, learning theory, psychology and brain science.
  • Feldenkrais® is safe: Persons with pain or other physical conditions and elder persons often runaway from different excercises or treatments where they don’t know what they can expect or what is expected from them. In Feldenkrais® method movements are done slowly with lot of rests and you’re encouraged to avoid mechanical, unaware repetitions which are often cause of many injuries. Basic skill of the method is learning to keep the movement in range of safe and easy limits where curiosity, advancing and learning can come onto surface.
  • Feldenkrais® is quick: Everyone learns in his own tempo, with Feldenkrais® you won’t have to wait for weeks or months to feel the changes. Many people can notice changes in their first group or individual lesson.
  • Feldenkrais® makes you smarter: Many of movements that we choose by habit (the way how we sit, stand, walk or turn) seems automatic, in fact many of them we learned in early years in not so optimal conditions and without possibility of choice and further improvement. Studies shows that people can learn better and faster when they are leaded to specific feeling which they can find again rather then just obey how to move. Feldenkrais® method can teach you to explore, recognize and discriminate sensations of unneeded effort, you will have better decisions and you will improve physical inteligence. You will move in a smarter way.
  • Feldenkrais® is flexible: There are hundreds of lessons and strategies and everyone of them can be adapted to fit best for individual comfort and abilities. In ATM or FI lesson, your brain learns when the work inside limits of ease and comfort and that leads to improvement and health.
  • Feldenkrais® helps you to understand movement: People understand that pain can limit moving, but many of them don’t understand that way of moving can easily create pain where it didn’t exist. Because of culture and way of living often we have wrong picture about own health and function and measure for that is injury. With Feldenkrais® method you can learn and clarify everyday patterns which you cherish and with this you will embrace concepts like balance, flexibility and power.
  • Feldenkrais® is fun: People often complain about boring excercises. Feldenkrais® method uses fact that nervous system is attracted by new sensations. Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais created Awareness through movement® (ATM) and Functional integration® (FI) by using non habitual movement patterns which are consisted from different variations to regain function and vitality. Feldenkrais® connects your movements and attention with health and well being.
Does Feldenkrais® heal problems with slipping discs?2016-10-21T13:36:59+00:00

Feldenkrais® method is not a healing or fixing method. This is not a medical treatment but rather educational approach. The emphasis is on helping people to regain control of their lives by understanding what and why are they doing certain movements and to learn how to move in a different ways so they don’t have to feel this way. It can help also when there is organic problem or disease present because one learns safer and more comfortable ways to do what he wants. With slipped discs problems one learns how to move easier in a way to enhance life comfort and that it can be prevency of future injuries.

Who can benefit from Feldenkrais® method?2016-10-21T13:36:59+00:00

Everyone, young or old, those with great physical abilities or those with disabilities. Feldenkrais® can help with chronic or acute pain in neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs or knees as well those who just want to improve self image and well being. Feldenkrais® helps with problems of central nervous system and neurological conditions such as Multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and stroke. Musicians, actors, dancers or artists can improve ability and creativity.
Seniors love to use the method to keep or regain ability to move without pain or effort.

Which famous persons used Feldenkrais® method?2015-04-28T18:36:16+00:00

Basketball player Julius Erwing (Dr. J), golf players Rick Acton and Duffy Waldorf, actors Norman Cousins, Margaret Mead, Helen Hayes and Whoopi Goldberg and ex Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion. Famous musicians, violinist Yehudi Menuhin, cellist Yo Yo Ma and guitarist Narciso Yepes also benefit from the Feldenkrais® method.

What happens during Feldenkrais® lesson?2016-10-21T13:36:59+00:00

Feldenkrais® is done in two forms:

Awareness through movement® (ATM)- is mostly group approach where practitioner verbally direct movement sequences in basic positions: lying or sitting on the floor, standing or sitting in the chair. Lesson lasts from 30- 60 minutes and it is made of easy and gentle movements that gradually evolve into complex movements of greater range. These precisely structured self explorations of movements include thinking, sensing, moving and imagining.

Functional integration® (FI)- is a private custom tailored lesson where practitioner leads movement through light and gentle touch. Student is completely dressed and lesson is often done on a specially designed table in a lying or sitting position.
It is a form of tactile kinesthetic communication where student gets information about his body organization and how to change it. Lesson is completely individual and adapted to structure, wishes and needs of person in that particular moment.

How Feldenkrais® method differ from massage or chiropractics?2015-04-28T18:41:31+00:00

The emphasis in the Feldenkrais® method is in learning movements which works better and noticing quality of changes in the rest of your body. By increasing awareness you can learn how to get rid of habitual movement patterns and get new alternatives which results with better flexibility and coordination. Method works with your natural ability to regulate and coordinate movement, that means with your nervous system rather than just work with repeating movements.

How can Feldenkrais® method help with scoliosis problems?2015-04-28T18:43:06+00:00

If you choose for your child not to go on to surgery or wear orthosis, Feldenkrais® method influence central nervous system by using light and gentle movement and with this forms new neural connections which can help your child or adolescent to overwhelm limitations. We go with the fact that we don’t need perfectly alligned spine to have full and well organized function such as easier bending and full breathing.

Can Feldenkrais® method help me with back and neck pain?2015-04-28T18:44:37+00:00

Beside it organizes your posture and relaxes your muscles which are secondary effects rather than goal of the lesson, Feldenkrais® lesson can teach you how to efficiently use your body. Unefficient usage of body causes bad coordination of locomotor system which results with inner stress and muscular spasm. Through lesson you can become aware of bad movement as well as holding patterns which will have positive influence on muscles that are holding bones and therefore your posture. With these new alternatives of movement you can have better understanding which repetitive movement or holding patterns causes you discomfort or pain. Also you start to understand pain, become more aware of direct connection between bad body organization and different types of pain and what is most important you learn how to stop this pain in just a few new movements.

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