Functional integration®

Just as Feldenkrais® practitioner does verbally direct movements in ATM lesson, in Functional integration® lesson, movement is directed by gentle and non invasive touching.

Functional integration® is a form of tactile and kinesthetic communication which teaches student about their body organization through easy and gentle touching and moving.

Lesson is related to student’s wishes, needs or intentions. Learning process is carried out without using force or invasive procedures. Through communication and respect of clients abilities, qualities and integrity, practitioner develops a lesson, custom tailored configuration for this particular person in that moment.

Practitioner conveys experience of comfort, pleasure and easy movement while student learns how to reorganize body and behaviour in new, more efficient manners.

Lessons are usually done on a specially designed table, with client lying or sitting but also in standing position. Sometimes various utilities are used to support position or movement.

Workshops we offer

Awareness through movement (ATM®) lessons

Duration: 45- 60min

Admission fee

15€ (drop in)

50€ /month (4-5x)

Functional integration® first lesson

Duration: 60-75min

Admission fee


Functional integration® series of lessons

Duration: 45-60min

Admission fee


Extra discount for packages of 5/10 lessons

Functional integration® lessons for kids

Duration: 25-45min

Admission fee

first time 50€

series of lessons 45€

Extra discount for packages of 5/10 lessons