Feldenkrais® Method: Somatic Learning

Does your back hurts? Do you have problem with focusing, paying attention? Did you stopped enjoying your favourite daily activities?

Feldenkrais® Method can help you to regain your natural ability for moving, thinking and sensing. Whether you want to sit more comfortable in front of your computer, play with children or participate in activities you enjoy, these gentle lessons can improve your well being.

Learning moving with less effort makes your life easier. Emphasis in the Feldenkrais® method is the relationship between movement and thinking so physical improvement is followed with increased creativity and mental awareness.

Everyone from athlets and lawyers to clercs and artists can use and benefit from Feldenkrais®method.

We improve our well being in everyday life when we learn to fully use our body. This self learning leads to full dynamic life.

Workshops we offer

Awareness through movement (ATM®) lessons

Duration: 45- 60min

Admission fee

15€ (drop in)

50€ month (4-5x)

Functional integration® individual lessons

Duration: 60-75min

Admission fee


Functional integration® series of lessons

Duration: 45-60min

Admission fee


Extra discount for packages 5/10 lessons

Functional integration® lessons for kids

Duration: 25-45min

Admission fee

first time 50€

series of lessons 45€

Extra discounts for packages 5/10 lessons