Awareness through movement®

These lessons are verbally directed sequences of movement presented primarly to groups. There are hundreds hours of movement lessons which lasts from 30- 60 minutes. These ATM lessons are usually organized around particular function.

In ATM lessons, people participate in precisely structured explorations of movements that include thinking, sensing, moving and imagining. Many of these movements are based on developmental, everyday and various martial arts movements. Some are abstract exploration of points, muscles and postural relationships. Lessons contain easy, comfortable movementsthat gradually evolve into more complex movements of greater range.

ATM lessons attempt to make one aware of usual neuromuscular patterns and rigidities and provide more options for new way of moving and simultaneously increasing sensitivity and improving efficiency.

Main goal of the lesson is to learn how are main functions organized, learning movements which are better and showing off quality of changes in your body.

Experience from Awareness through movement® lessons helps us understand what movements do we do and how do we do them in everyday activities in order to get rid of unwanted moving habits. It also helps us develop new moving patterns which results with better flexibility and coordination and gives us opportunity to:

  • Attend whole self
  • Eliminate unnecessary effort and energy
  • Mobilize intentions into actions
  • Learn

How we learn during Awareness through movement lessons?

  • By using small and gentle movements and directing students to move within limits of safety, avoiding pain and effort
  • By directing process of learning and doing rather than just being goal orientated
  • By directing attention toward feeling and sensing the differences between mutually connected movement patterns
  • By allowing student to find his own way in the lesson

Workshops we offer

Awareness through movement (ATM®) lessons

Duration: 45- 60min

Admission fee

15€ (drop in)

50€ /month (4-5x)

Functional integration® individual lessons

Duration: 60-75min

Admission fee


Functional integration® series of lessons

Duration: 45-60min

Admission fee


Extra discount for packages of 5/10 lessons

Functional integration® lessons for kids

Duration: 25-45min

Admission fee

first time 50€

series of lessons 45€

Extra discount for packages of 5/10 lessons